Sellics Review: the all-inclusive dashboard that puts you in firm control

20, 02, 13, Thu 16:23

Sellics is a profit-making analytics brand based in Germany. Sellics has proven to be very useful to users as it serves as an all-inclusive software appendage for Amazon sellers. This service is frequented by high-ticket brands such as Bosch, KW-commerce, and L’Oreal. Sellics is growing in leaps and bounds by the day both in function and customer experience, and now, we’ll show you all the perks you can enjoy.

Sellics: What is it?

Sellics is one of the most prestigious Amazon seller tool out there. It’s a comprehensive Amazon management application which helps you to rank products in highly-competitive search items, allowing entrepreneurs to have a wider reach and claim a wider share of the market.

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Sellics pricing

Sellers can utilize every single feature of Sellics, free of charge in their 14-day free-trial grace period, without the need for your credit card information. This means that there’s no reason not to see how things work for yourself and make your own deductions.

If you decide to carry on with the service by subscribing, the pricing may vary according to whether you opted for the seller plan or the vendor plan, in addition to your average sales volume every month.

Sellics Products

There are a number of juicy perks embedded in Sellics:

  1. The niche-based analyzer - this analyses sales volume and competition level in your niche. Niche analyzer simplifies things by enabling you to view the number of revenue generated in each niche and how hard it will be for you to reach top-ranked with the most crucial keywords
  2. product detector – this gives you insights to the most rewarding niches
  3. Keyword rankings – with this add-on, the seller can uncover fresh keywords your competitors are ranking for, as well as all possible keyword combinations. Sellics has more than 175,000,000 Amazon keywords in its system.
  4. Stockpile control – Stockpile management can be one of the greatest nightmares for the Amazon seller, particularly if you oversee a broad array items spanning multiple suppliers and Amazon categories. You can use this tool to enter all your inventory info in a place you can gain access to, while calculating the best reorder dates, as well as notifications when it’s time to refill your stockpile.
  5. PPC manager – The PPC manager generates information and analytics using the Amazon sponsored products tab, granting you to access and improve them in the Sellics program. It is also imbued with some automated controls that lets bid price point to be edited based on high-performance algorithms.
  6. Profit - profits on the Sellics portal gives a comprehensive summation of all your revenue, refreshed each 5 minutes. You can compute the cost per unit of product manually as well as any other costs. This feature gives ample knowledge of which of your items are the most revenue-generating cash cows and those that need to be abandoned.
  7. Review management – Review management provides instantaneous notifications when poor feedback is given, enabling you to have full grasp your affairs swiftly before things go sideways real quick.

Final Thoughts

This sellics review shows how sellics trumps other programs in its ability to give you control more by having everything self-contained. This everything-in-the box approach fortifies all metrics while improving sales performance manifold. Selling products on Amazon is tedious – like an engine with so many gears & controls. Once the seller grabs the business by the jugular, success will be within reach.

Meta description: We highly recommend Sellics in this Sellics review because it condenses all your analytics in one place for a snapshot view. Take account today and get your Amazon business swinging.


How can I terminate a Sellics Account?

Since trial accounts do not require subscription, the account will simply peter out when the trial period is up. If you’re on a plan, you can delete your account using the “terminate” button underneath the plan.

Can one make use of Sellics trial?

You can use a Sellics in trial mode for the period stipulated (14-day free-trial grace period), after which your usage of the tool will be discontinued.

Is Sellics Safe to use?

There is always a massive concern when your monetary and personal info are stored in third-party databases. Nonetheless, risk of danger is slight because Sellics Amazon operates in consonance with Amazon web services. This implies that it generates data strictly from Amazon’s API and displays it. It is not sourced on Sellics. Still coy? you can check Sellic’s Privacy Policy.