Jungle Scout Review

20, 02, 09, Sun 22:55

The Fulfillment By Amazon turned out to be a real goldmine, with the number of diggers growing every day. You reading this shows you are probably one of the miners, trying to get a foothold on Amazon and make some good deals. With the right toolkit, it is possible, and Jungle Scout could prove to be essential.

jungle scout pro

Introducing Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a software, capable of analyzing Amazon pages and provide the user with relevant, high-quality data. After compiling every piece of information, Jungle Scout shows a single score on the product inspected: this number ranks how profitable the product would be.

There are many reviews out there, but they all agree on something: Jungle Scout is one of the most precise profitability calculators online. Even though it’s now six years old, Jungle Scout still rocks hard and has incredible features.


Well, there is no point in hiding the fact that Jungle Scout is a paid-to-enjoy app. However, in this case, your return on investment is high. If you don’t want to buy a one-year subscription at first, there is a bit more expensive monthly billing solution for you, which you can cancel anytime. Three options listed on the pricing page of Jungle Scout Pro:

Jungle Scout Web-app: $49/m ($39/m with annual billing)

Jungle Scout App and Chrome extension: $69/m ($49/m with annual billing)

Jungle Scout Chrome extension only: $39/m ($19/m with annual billing)

Jungle Scout web-app features

The Jungle Scout sales estimator has a web application that you can use with any browser. It’s packed with features, which you can unlock by upgrading after the Jungle Scout trial period. The main features of the web-based app are the following:

  • JS Product Database: offers a full Amazon product database with filters and sorting methods.
  • JS Product Tracker: a tool to look for promising products.
  • JS Supplier Database: a database of trustworthy suppliers for your niche
  • JS Keyword Scout: A most crucial feature of this software. Find, analyze and apply keywords for your niche, build PPC strategy from current and historical keyword data.
  • JS Product Launch: With this mailer system, you can ask your buyers to leave feedback, send out offers, keeping your customers curious.
  • JS Academy: By signing up, you gain access to the webinars and how-to videos of the most successful Amazon wizards, who reached up to 8 figures income with the help of this application.
  • JS Sales Analytics: An essential feature of this estimator app. With this, you’ll be capable of viewing and managing your Amazon finances, including your ROI, profits, and expenses. Inventory management included too.

Review of Jungle Scout Chrome Extension features

The Jungle Scout Chrome extension is a standalone product. It is straightforward to install, while it’s also seamlessly integrated.

Major features:

On-page data collection and analysis : grants profit estimates, sales volume projection, and other vital data.

Opportunity Score : a single number is depicting how promising, how profitable a given product could be.

Idea validation : based on historical data, the Jungle Scout Chrome extension validates how profitable, how worthwhile a niche or product could be.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Lite

It’s the official name of the plugin for Jungle Scout. It is a fitting name, as it is lightweight and integrates perfectly, without disturbing browsing. With this extension, you could access all the necessary information with a click.

Jungle Scout Web App VS Chrome Extension Lite

It’s hard to compare the two software because they complement each other, and the full potential of Jungle Scout is unlocked by using both tools. The plugin provides prompt and trustworthy data in a click.


Is it free?

No, the Jungle Scout estimator application is not free.

Does it have an app?

If you mean Android or iOS apps, then the answer is no.

Can I use Jungle Scout on my phone?

You could open the web app via a mobile browser. However, the extension is not available for mobile Chrome.

What this tool is used for?

The Jungle Scout sales estimator is a sophisticated toolkit capable of tracking products, price-changes, and keywords, while it also estimates profitability.

Is there a free trial at Jungle Scout?

There is 14-days money back offer, which fits the description of a trial.