How to sell books on Amazon - An ultimate guide

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Over the years, Amazon has cemented its place as the top among the leading forces in the retail industry. The platform has been so successful that it has become very much within the realm of possibility to make a fortune from selling almost anything on Amazon. This feat is possible because Amazon gives sellers access to over a hundred million customers. Books are one of the items that have proven to be quite profitable to sell on Amazon, we will explain why shortly!

Steps to sell books on Amazon

The first thing to do is go to the Amazon Site and create a Seller Account; pick the Individual Seller Account if you need to sell second-hand books and Professional Seller Account in case you are planning to sell cutting-edge books. These accounts have separate capabilities but the maximum noteworthy is that the Professional Seller Account has no limit on the variety of books you can sell monthly, it additionally has a membership rate of $39.ninety nine per month.

The next aspect is to pick how you need your orders to be handled, there are two alternatives for this: Fulfilled By Merchant(FBM) and Fulfilled By Amazon(FBA). The first alternative means you'll be directly involved in the packing and logistics of the books to your customers. It is quite stressful, this option is handiest really useful for you if you may spare masses of time and a reliable distribution network. The FBA choice lets Amazon manage all the packaging and transport requirements, at a cost. For this to function, you need to ship your books to an Amazon fulfillment center, then they may pack and deliver them to customers.

How to look for books to sell on Amazon

After setting up your account successfully, the next element to do is supply or find the books you will sell on Amazon. There are generally three ways of going about this:

The Scanning Method: This technique is probably the most common way of locating books to sell on Amazon. Basically, this requires you to scan the barcodes of the books with your smartphone or a scanner. An app(Amazon Seller App) then compares the Best Sellers Rank and most inexpensive ever charge of the book, it then analyses these records to help you know how much sales you may make on that ebook. This technique is normally employed in the income of books below $1.

The Wholesale Method: This technique negates the need to physically scan each book while you go seeking out books to sell, instead you can negotiate and buy the complete stock. Although your profit can be reduced due to the fact you’ll be selling at wholesale prices, the huge advantage of this method is the truth that you could clean out your entire stock with a single sale.

The Retail Arbitrage Method: This way of book sourcing is quite common among new sellers, it involves buying the books from a different platform like Ebay and then selling them back on Amazon. Since this method is quite time intensive when contrasted among the other two methods, it is encouraged to sell only books that fall above $25 if you opt to use Retail Arbitrage. Textbooks and first edition books are great options to explore.

Tips on selling second-hand books on Amazon

A large percent of books bought by means of sellers on Amazon are used or second-hand books, so don’t be worried about if you’ll be able to sell them. You can get used books from book stores that sell second-hand books, EBay, thrift stores, clearance sales, Craiglist or yard sales. Always consider to experiment a e-book on Amazon Seller App to measure if the book will sell well before making a purchase. The app does this via analysing how many pieces of the ebook has been offered and its contemporary performance within the market. Getting a reliable provider is critical in case you are to have fulfillment in selling used books. Also, do all within your energy to look that the books are in splendid form in case you need to sell used books on Amazon.

Tips on selling new books on Amazon

On average, new books yield more profit than second hand books, but finding new books for the purpose of sales is no easy task. The most recommended course of action in this is to purchase directly from the publishers because they sell at much lower rates, the rates will decrease when the number of books you buy increases. You may also buy from wholesalers too because their prices are low too, just never make the mistake of buying from retailers.

After completing all the steps outlined above, the final thing to do is make a listing and input the necessary information, then take care of your sales.

how to sell books to amazon

The business of selling books on Amazon is one that is highly profitable when done right. This is because there will always be a huge demand for books (the challenge lies in figuring out which books), when you pair this with the globe’s largest retail platform, what you get is a recipe for booming sales.


What does it cost to sell books on Amazon?

Free for individual sellers and $39.99/month for professional sellers.

Can I sell books for free on Amazon?


Can I sell books back to Amazon?