How to Choose the Best Amazon Review Checker

20, 02, 27, Thu 11:10

Reputation is one of the most important things for Amazon sellers. Here is how to choose the best Amazon review checker that will help you build a great brand.

Reputation is one of the most important things for Amazon sellers. If you are not helping unhappy buyers than as a result your reviews will suffer. An Amazon review checker will help resolve buyer issues and more people will want to buy the product.

Striving for customer satisfaction is a great way to attract even more happy customers. Stuff happens, things break but you still need to do your best to help. That doesn’t mean there will be no bad reviews but these are opportunities for you to improve your brand as a seller. If you skip the review checker you will not know what your buyers are saying. The Amazon reviews checker will help you resolve buyer issues, improve your reputation and stay organized.

In this post, we will tell you how to choose the best Amazon Review Checker.

What is an Amazon Review Checker?

Review checker is an app that analyzes product and website reviews and generates a report. Selling products means some buyers will express their opinion and experience by leaving a review. Some of the reviews might be positive or negative.

Analyzing each review on a daily basis is an impossible task, that’s why you need an application that will help you go through them all. This is where the Amazon review checker comes into play. Some of these tools are quite expensive but we have made a selection of the best free review checkers out there to make your choice easier.

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How to check Amazon Reviews?

Review checkers are great tools that help sellers protect their reputation. Most of these tools are quite easy to use. First, you need to get the URL of the product you want to analyze and copy-paste it to the review checker. Then with just one click, the review checker will show both the positive and negative reviews. There is also an Amazon fake review checker that helps spot the reviews that aren’t real. 

Free Amazon Review Checker Tools

Here is our selection of the best free Amazon review checker tools that will spot the fake reviews and report them. This will help resolve customer issues in a much faster and more effective way.


 This is a popular product that works with products and businesses that are affiliated to Amazon. This is a price tracking tool that alerts you when product prices drop.  


 ReviewMeta is a free Amazon review checker that helps sellers deal with negative reviews. The tool uses statistical models to do the job. The data is gathered, analyzed and displayed in an easy to understand manner.


 The AMZAlert monitoring tool helps sellers keep track of all reviews and identify the negative ones. Any star rating between 1 and 3 is regarded as a negative one, so the tool sends a notification. 


 This is probably one of the most used Amazon review checkers in the world. It is fast and reliable and it uses artificial intelligence to help sellers build a trustworthy website. Positive and genuine reviews are likely to increase sales volume. The best part is that Fakespot is free and easy to use.

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Review Index

 This tool uses neural network technology to detect review patterns. The application has the capacity to quickly analyze a huge number of reviews. It is simple to use and generates results with two clicks. And of course, it is free. 


The Abbot is a tool developed to monitor reviews on different platforms. It groups the reviews according to your custom categories monitors them and creates alerts on any changes on the star rating.


 This Amazon review checker allows you to organize and gather all the product reviews for the last 3 months. You can set notifications to stay on top of any negative reviews about your business. If sellers respond on time and appropriately to their customers this is going to give them a competitive advantage.


 The primary goal of this review checker is to help business owners carefully listen and monitor the feedback of their customers. The Product Review Monitoring tool provides intelligent answers to the issues arising from this feedback. 

The Hoth

 This is a totally free tool that helps analyze all the reviews on a platform. It is also great SEO software that can help with the ranking of your website and the reputation of your business.


SellerWit is a review checker tool that helps monitor any negative or neutral feedback on your account that sends immediate notifications. The tool further allows you to gather useful additional data and analyze in-depth the negative and positive feedback. 

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Choosing the Best Amazon Review checker is not that difficult and the benefit of using one is great. The tools mentioned in this list have different features and capabilities, so to choose the best one sellers must identify their business needs first. Still, this list provides a good selection of some of the most popular Amazon Review Checkers out there.