Best Amazon Product and research finder tools

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The key to creating a 7-figure Amazon retail business lies in how effectively you leverage Amazon Product & research finder tools. Here are some of the very best (paid & free) in the market.

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Top Amazon product research tools (paid)

Jungle Scout

The name Jungle Scout has had more mentions than any other Amazon Product & research finder tools. Indeed, Jungle Scout is perhaps the best Amazon product analyzer in the market-space. Beginners leverage JS for its ability to sift through full database of Amazon to present some of the best avenues in niche market-spaces.

Jungle Scout chrome extension serves you adversary information in real-time whenever the seller views an item detail page for vital data including forecasted sales, feedback count, etc. Jungle Scout has some new features which include Opportunity Finder, Keyword Scout, Supplier Database, & Sales Analysis. Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Lite Costs 97 dollars each year, while the Chrome Extension Pro costs 197 dollars each year.


AMZScout is an industry leader in serving compete, detailed sales data. Fundamentally, AMZScout helps you find & assess niches in rapid fashion, capturing data from various channels. It even helps you to obtain stats on items. Suffocate the adversary’s with AMZScout’s website monitoring systemic to monitor the opposition’s inventory, pricing, items, & revenues in addition to other specifics. AMZScout has an inventory base in excess of 20 million items. It supports the markets of nine various nations namely Canada, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Japan, India, & Spain. AMZScout is served in 7 different tongues namely English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, German, & Vietnamese, featuring excellent customer support in these languages. Basic, Starter, or Business class are per-month or per-year payment packages for Helium 10.

  1. Basic is set @ $29.99 per-month or $179.99 per-year
  2. Starter is set @$39.99 per-month or $239.99 per-year
  3. Business class is set @ $59.99 per-month or $349.99 per-year

Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher is a powerful system that searches you Amazon products. The Unicorn Smasher chrome browser is excellent with characteristics such as:

  1. Comprehensive dashboard to control your researches at a go, serving you all the information
  2. Tips on pricing, best-selling scores, feedback, and rankings, in addition to sales projections
  3. Precise revenue estimations derived by real numbers for thousands-upon-thousands of items to reach niche profitability
  4. Easily merges with AMZ tracker, advancing and edging other venders
  5. Info on fulfillment for FBA, AMZ, and FBM
  6. Straight-to-browser metrics with sales volume & PPC metrics


AMZshark kicks in with tools to help you earn money as a capitalist through such time-tested features as:

  1. Niche scout to analyze viable places with snapshot stats
  2. Keyword exploration pane to assist with investigating related titles or terms for advertising campaigns including SEO research.
  3. Keyword analysis of over 20 keyword contemporaneously to pinpoint revenue-generating sub-markets


Amasuite & most recently Amasuite 5, scans keywords and items that will generate income on The upgrade means that the Amazon retailer can now assess the best one hundred categories in Amazon US & Amazon UK. Here are some additional benefits:

  1. Exportability of data to sortable HTML statements
  2. Search Analyzer for the secrets of similar items on basis of your main keyword title
  3. Excess of 300 proxies daily for simple work interface when conducting product analysis
  4. Subscribe to Amasuite & gain entry to 5 amazing Amazon tools


Amazooka for its catchiness is really a full-suite, solution for Amazon retailers. Amazooka is richly laced with:

  1. An autoresponder – organize all your engagements and snap up more five-starred feedback
  2. Item Monitor - to look over your competitors, tailgate keywords, & check feedback
  3. Ad monitor- to view real-time metrics on your Amazon advertisement campaigns
  4. Amazooka pricing begin from $60 per-month & up to $500 per-month. The brand also offers a 7-day free-trial test-running window. is a free-of-charge keyword tracker that shows where retail items rank for specified search keywords or terms. Some of its benefits include:

  1. Assistance with conversions – this enables the retailer to pinpoint problems associated with low sales
  2. Negative feedback notifications, keyword hijack notifications,long-tailed keyword analysis, competition analysis, & url builder
  3. AMZ tracker pricing ranges from 50 dollars per-month to $400 per-month, after a seven-day trial window.

Free Amazon product research tools (free)


Keepa is a well-adorned free Amazon analysis tools that doesn’t fail in its generation of item price-fall alerts using relatable timeline plots to meet retailer’s needs. This product finder tool shows a price timeline plot on every item page, including an overview of recent price drops.

Amazon Price watcher from Digital inspiration

This got your back when tracking prices. It functions across all amazon sites & helps your set up a watch listing of items you're concerned about. Personal and enterprise are variations of the tracker.


Camelcamelcamel is really helpful when tailgating prices of items that are featured on On Camelcamelcamel, the retailer stands to enjoy notifications over email & twitter when prices fall, price plots (charts) for 18 million plus Amazon merch, best discounts amongst others.


Sellics-owned sonar was developed to assist by presenting a data bank with over 73 million key-terms to skyrocket your real rankings over specified key-terms or to maximize your advertisement campaign.

Google Keyword Planner

Hey, it’s Google! So, expect quality at its peak with the original keyword planner from the world’s biggest search engine. Slot in a keywords short- or long-tail & press “get started.” Vendors can utilize Google planner in dual forms. For one, it can find important keywords for item panes. For the other, find key-words you can bid on purchasing traffic from Google Ads.

Concluding note

These many great amazon product & research finder applications paid or free are designed to enliven your marketing presence on Amazon and levitate your revenue. Don’t be shy to try different things until you find what works.


How do you define Amazon product analytics tools?

These are assistors that guide Amazon retailer decision, the tools can range from SEO optimizers, to item management controls

Why is Amazon product analytics crucial?

Amazon is a rapidly-changing market, and that’s why its important to keep abreast of changes in pricing, ranking, sales volume, potential winning key-words among other indicators for improvements in ROI.

What can you achieve with Amazon product finders?

They help you tailgate the adversary, monitor their every move & direct a huge chunk of revenue away from them

Which should I pick between Amazon web app and chrome extension?

Chrome extension was developed to have all information at your fingertips. The snapshot view presented by chrome extension better when placed on par with the seemingly mazy amazon web view.

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